Here at K&D we have a passion for Landscaping and the improving great outdoors. The idea of sharing this passion with our community sparked a conversation in the office in late 2016. We began thinking of ways to engage our community, especially the youth, and put these ideas into actions. During one of our staff meetings, the team came up with the idea of a monthly community beautification project.

Though we thought it a bit ambitious, we set a goal right then and there to perform one beautification project per month in 2017. The nominations came flooding in once word spread about our new campaign. We have focused on non-profit’s and local schools that need landscape improvements; seeing the faces of those affected makes our whole team proud. As we start out 2018, we are taking a minute to reflect on the success of our program in 2017 and celebrate all the amazing people and organizations that made it possible; we cannot wait for what this year has in store for our community!

Project Evergreen