Who doesn’t love a great outdoor party. If you love to entertain, you’re probably already planning several outdoor events. Like indoor entertaining, outdoor entertaining trends are always changing. As a good host or hostess, it’s important you keep up to date on current trends to ensure you give your guests the ultimate experience. Whether it’s a family reunion, a business luncheon, or a graduation bbq, you’ve worked hard to make your event a reality. By incorporating popular entertaining trends into your outdoor event, you can ensure your event is a successful delight for everyone.

Planning on upgrading your outdoor entertaining space in time for summer entertaining? There are several exciting trends you should keep in mind. Keep reading to get a sneak peak at the hottest outdoor entertaining trends to expect this summer.

Outdoor Kitchens and Dining

Outdoor kitchens are quickly becoming the number one outdoor entertaining feature. Homeowners are dedicating a significant amount of outdoor space to designing an outdoor kitchen perfect for hosting.

Homes with outdoor dining options quickly become a desired spot for summer weddings, graduation celebrations, family reunions, and summer parties. After all, outdoor kitchens are a convenient way to enhance both the guest and the host’s experience. For example, hosts are no longer stuck cooking in the house while guests mingle on the patio. Instead, you can prep for the evening’s feast while chatting with all of your guests.

Outdoor kitchen and dining areas also expand entertainer’s living space. This makes it easier to control the overall flow and atmosphere of the party. You won’t have to worry about guests bottlenecking the staircase or crowding the living room anymore. Instead, guests enjoy themselves in your spacious outdoor kitchen as they dine.

With custom options available like pizza ovens and stone fireplaces, you really do have complete creative control. A local landscape designer can work with you to design an outdoor kitchen area perfect for you, your guests, and your local California climate.

Fire Features

When we said hottest outdoor entertaining trends, we meant it. This summer, hosts and guests alike are eager to gather around an outdoor fire feature. After all, there’s something undeniably welcoming about the warmth of a crackling fire.

Explore your outdoor living space to discover the perfect place to add a fire feature. A fireplace near retaining walls is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also doubles as a 24/7 functional gathering area. After all, the night air doesn’t seem so cold when have a cozy firepit to sit beside. Whether you want to extend your entertaining hours or you love the allure of an intimate night time fire, fire features are an outdoor living trend you won’t want to miss this summer

Luxurious Outdoor Furniture

Forget the traditional wicker chairs, this year is all about luxurious outdoor furniture. This year, homeowners are getting rid of their frayed, uncomfortable furniture and replacing it with gorgeous furniture that any guest of any age can enjoy. Not only will your guests enjoy the new additions to your outdoor living space, you’ll get to reap the benefits as well. After all, hosting an evening dinner becomes so much easier when you have a soft chair to sink into while you chat with guests on your deck.

Choosing the right outdoor furniture not only enhances everyone’s comfort, it also complements your landscape. A trendy homeowner can create the perfect party atmosphere with the right touch of outdoor art, fragrant plants, and inviting furniture. Use colorful furniture to create inviting conversation areas. Shaded decks create the perfect opportunity for summer business meetings. Elevate your pool parties with lounging chairs perfect for sunbathing.

Heat-Repelling Ceiling Fans

Outdoor living spaces are meant to be enjoyed all year long. This summer, entertainers are refusing to let the summer heat keep the party stuck indoors. You can expect to see a lot more ceiling fans being added to outdoor entertainment areas this year.

Technology is always changes, which is great for the year-around host or hostess. You’ll have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to selecting a fan powerful enough to drive the stuffy summer heat. You’ll also enjoy the added benefit of having a fresh breeze readily available during the hot autumn months as well. Plus, any cooking smells created in your outdoor kitchen will dissipate faster with a strong fan in action.

Unique, Eye-Catching Plants

One of the great advantages of having an outdoor entertaining space is the opportunity to include more nature in your living space. One trend you can expect to see this summer is more plants complimenting outdoor entertainment spaces. It can be something as simple and elegant as decorative flowers growing near your outdoor furniture. If you love to cook, planting fresh herbs and produce near your outdoor kitchen is an easy way to create a healthy, organic meal your guests won’t soon forget.

You can also expect to see more plants growing in and around outdoor living features. For example, homeowners can add custom designed pergolas with integrate drainage, heating, and lighting. This result will be an enchanting effect. Imagine how excited your guests will be to take photos with such a beautiful backdrop behind them. Not sure which plants would work best for you outdoor entertainment space? Consult with your landscaper for expert advice. An experience landscaper will be able to help you select plants that will complement your home and thrive in the Central Coast’s climate.